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 The Rules as they are

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PostSubject: The Rules as they are   Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:40 am

Sundown in Tampa is dedicated to the playing of a VtM based free form roleplaying in an interactive setting, using both the forum and the channels. Whether you're new to roleplay or looking for a new game to join, we hope you find some entertainment here. It is all about fun, after all.

The following rules and policies are required knowledge for everyone who wishes to post in this forum and play in the channels. These rules apply universally to every post in every thread and channel and violating them may subject you to Moderator or Operator action. Please read them carefully and understand them well before posting.

1. Read and Obey the Forum Rules
Sundown in Tampa Rules and FAQ applies to everyone posting in any section of these forums, this one included. Moderators have the authority to enforce these rules and will take direct action against violators. Rule violations should be reported to the Moderator for appropriate action.

2. The Moderator/Admin/Operators Word is Law
Currently, all Moderators, Admins and Operators ( MAO's ) have jurisdiction over all actions within this game. MAO's may generally conduct their games however they see fit, thus allowing them a great deal of control over the world they seek to create. That level of control is often necessary to allow for the creation of varied and interesting worlds. Game participants found to be violating the instructions of their MAO's may, at the MAO's discression, be subject to MAO action.
Now, I know this sounds like a lot of Nazi dick-headed stuff, but just keep in mind we want this to be fun and fair for anyone. The lack of sheets give this play more freedom, but less control, so you have to be willing to take a MAO's word if something gets out of hand. If you feel like any of the MAO's are being unfair pleaser refer to the beginning of this rule.

3. IC Actions Have IC Consequences
This goes hand in hand with rule two. If you do things in character that breaks the in character rule, there WILL BE consequences. This includes breaking the Traditions, disrespecting the Prince, etc. You need to be willing to accept IC consequences to your actions.
Should character's action seek to upset major channel setting details (such as the weather, structural integrity of the club, Sabbat invasion, major human government shift, the tampering of any club service (electrical devices, information technology system)) you are kindly required to first request clearance from an Op.

4. No Character Will Die Without Permission From the Mun
This is pretty self-explanatory. If you don't want your character to die, we won't force it on you.

5. Please Don't Speak About Other Channels
I do realize that there are those that aren't happy with other channels on mIRC. We at Sundown in Tampa find it very unethical speak badly about another room in ours. Please keep any derogatory references to other rooms out of here. Those rooms do not matter here. This room matters.

6. Do Not Harass Anyone in PM
None of the PC's should be accusing each other of ANYTHING in PM. If you have an issue. Come to an Op. Do not harass anyone in a PM, especially if they ask you to stop.

7. Please Stick to Registered Channels
The current list of affiliated Miami Night channels is such:

Coming Soon

This list will grow as necessity demands. Feel free to request a channel you think we need. Feel free to create a room for private play, but if an op is not present, than any IC actions that take place in that room are null. ( I.e. If you do anything that affects an SL, kill or hurt a character, etc. )

8. Multiple Characters
Sundown in Tampa and the affiliated channels and forums don't put a limit on the characters one individual plays. However, consider rule number three. If you have a character involved with an SL, or a character who has an important position, you will need to consider how much time needs to go into achieving IC goals.

9. No Dice = Trust Between Players
Sundown in Tampa is a dice-optional Free Form Role-Play environment. Through a sort of mutual trust shared by responsible players we's like to keep the use of dice to an absolute minimum.Should any player choose to exercise their right and request that dice be used given the appropriate circumstances, there should be an Op available to do so. Such circumstances include, but are certainly not limited to, the use of any discipline or ability that the character currently possesses or to determine the likelihood of a behavioral reaction in a unique setting, such as to Frenzy or not, etc.

While no dice rolls are required and the success of any action can occasionally be assumed, please do not presume that your attempt, however overt or covert, will be successful. Obfuscate and Telepathy are valuable skills but they will not succeed on everyone your character comes comes across. We hope you find that normally other players are very open to your attempts and input, however, if they are not please do not be discouraged. We ask that the player justify to you any ability their character possesses that would allow them to bypass the effect(s) of your attempted trickery. This is everyone's game, focus on having fun, not "winning".

10. Your Submitted Char Profile is Final
Once you get a character submitted and approved, and play them in the channel, that's the final say on that character. The MAO's are authorized to make changes if something isn't working in play, so if you want/need to change anything about the character, you have to get it approved by them. This includes things like generation, disciplines, flaws and merits, etc.
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The Rules as they are
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